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Dhandapani steel products are mfrs at our state of art factory. We mfrs our product with a high quality integration in terms of procuring of raw materials itself. We use TATA steel, mild steel, stainless steels as per our requirement. Our products are pre analyzed with our technical team and as per the need... The products get their respective shapes in Production.
Product Technically :-

    • Any custom-built models
    • Comfort & ease of use (X & Y adjustable)
    • Models are in different conventions and @ different gauges.
    • Quality Materials are integrated in each stage.
    • Health analysis – comes with gas lifter & push back facility to various angles to suite your body.
    • Space analysis – study of room space to suite the furniture size.

Product Category:

Dressing Cupboard
Cupboard Plain
Cupboard Locker
Cupboard Wardrop
Library Cupboard
Industrial Locker Cabinet
Book Case
Filling Cupboard
Filling Cabinet
Executive Table
Office Table
Computer Table
Shelving Racks
Office Chairs

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